Spread over 19 Acres, ATRIO is a cozy community with approximately 120 Units representing 19% of the total area while the remaining 82 % is dedicated to landscape and water features. ATRIO comprise a variety of living spaces from cozy Townhouses , the perfectly designed Twin houses and the spacious separate Villas. CONCEPT Inspired from the architecture design of the units; The name ATRIO was born and it’s the Italian word for Court & Lobby. Our continuous urge to satisfy our customers and meet their expectations giving them more than what they ask for ; ATRIO is introduced to the market as IWAN’s first Turn – key project. You will purchase your home and move in to a Fully Finished Compound and units; All you need to do is pack your bags. Location Perfectly Located in Sheikh Zayed , ATRIO lies on the main axis of Sheikh Zayed City that connects 26 July Corridor to the Heart of the city. Your home is minutes away from the new Toll Station and Smart Villages. Al-Ahly Club is just down the road, the main shopping hubs surround ATRIO from east & west sides. You can go to The famous hang-out spots and restaurants and movie theatres riding your scooter or bike. At ATRIO you are in the center of all the action. THE INTERIOR Interior spaces are designed in coordination with outer landscape, terraces, atrium and garden. The connection is accentuated by large windows , earth color and natural finishing's allowing maximum lighting and Harmony.The theme of the interior is a flexible background ready to be personalized according to your taste. Social Balance ATRIO, creates the perfect atmosphere and it makes you feel safe in a community that is more like family,where all the people around you share common values and have similar lifestyles. At that point, you no longer need to worry about negative social effects on your children. In ATRIO, enjoy the privileges of a balanced community Design Balance Your balanced home, your perfect taste with contemporary design with an ethnic twist to create a unique combination. Introducing the new concept of BREATHING HOMES, with interior gardens to enjoy greenery everywhere. You will find yourself in every unit once you step your foot into it. We designed it with balance especially for you, with an indoor garden for every home, a balanced distribution of spaces and smart home technology. Also, we have studied every plant’s role outside to create an outdoor area with a beauty that exudes with synergy. In ATRIO, enjoy the privileges of a balanced community. Location Balance All the features that you would look for in a residential compound are considered as prerequisites in ATRIO, why would you have to compromise any of the features that address your needs and lifestyle? We took care even for the location. ATRIO is strategically located in a very safe neighborhood in the heart of Sheikh Zayed. ATRIO offers an ease in commute whether to or from Cairo Alex Road/Mehwar and convenient access to popular places, shops, restaurants, malls and sports facilities. Moreover, you will be surrounded with potential education Institutions. When you own a home in a good location, it’s usually a solid long-term investment..
Atrio Iwan
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